Star Wars: Before the Storm

The Party Assembles

Receiving a message to meet at The Boggart’s Den Cantina in three days, each of the party members decides, for their own reasons, to accept the job.

Zane Vorusk arrived first, and watched as each of the party members filtered into The Boggart’s Den Cantina, starting with Dax. He was followed by Ayuuri, Nova Lee and, finally, Zoon Zaresh. After much talking on the part of Dax, and a few drinks and some patience, the man they were told to contact, Deen Garma, finally arrived, escorted by two Rodian body guards.

Deen laid out the mission and handed each of the members a simple datapad with the mission outline already stored in its database. The mission was simple, travel to unknown space and find materials for his company to use in shipbuilding. After learning that the party had no way to travel off the planet, and learning of Ayuuri’s crashed transport, he offered to pay for the repairs if Zane did the work; everyone agreed to take the cost of parts out of their end-mission pay.

Deen’s Rodian guards escorted the group to Ayuuri’s transport, and Zane began his diagnostics. A simple test found that there was a critical piece missing from the engines. He informed the Rodians, who left and returned with the part needed to repair the ship. Repairs were made and the ship roared to life, groggily.

Ayuuri took control of her ship and the party took off to the coordinates provided in the datapad. After four days of travel, the party came out of hyperspace near a planet that, as their surface scans informed them, was 90% forest. Breaking the atmosphere and heading for a large metal cache their scans detected, they saw a pillar of smoke and decided to investigate. After some searching, Ayuuri found an opening in the forest and landed the ship.

While walking towards the source of the smoke, the group spotted two beings in all black, wearing masks that concealed their identities. Trying to sneak closer to eaves drop on the duos conversation, everyone but Dax was spotted. After some talking by Zoon to calm to party and diffuse the situation, some questions were asked. Unfortunately for the group, the beings only spoke a language that none of them understood. After pointing to the smoke, the creatures seemed to scare and tried to make a run for it, but Dax was having none of it. Hiding behind a tree, he fired a shot from his blaster rifle and his bolt struck one of them in the side, dropping him on the spot. His partner, stopping in his tracks, fired a shot towards Zane, but missed. After a short-lived battle, the party decided to stun the two creatures, looting their unconscious bodies and heading towards the source of the smoke once again.

After locating the source, the group attempted to make their way through the smoke. Only Dax was able to stay in, thanks to his breathe mask, and he was able to make out what seemed to be a crashed ship at the bottom of a hole next to a simple house. Upon entering the house, he found one dead creature, the species of which he had never seen, and after further investigation, found a small child of the same species. Saving the creatures life, Dax dragged the creature out of the smoke and rejoined the party.

What were those creatures? Who is this child? Who’s ship was that? Find out in the next session of Star Wars: Before the Storm!

Funny moment of the game: Zoon Zaresh asks Nova Lee to ride on her shoulder, because he’s a bit slower than the rest of the party. After walking outside of the cantina to head to Ayuuri’s ship, the party sees the landspeeder of the Rodians waiting there. Doh!


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